What We Do

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Biddiscombe’s services include contract manufacturing of personal care products, filling and label application. Whether you need small production runs of under 500 units, or larger unit needs in the 10,000s, we can help you. The manufacturing facility of Biddiscombe is: licensed and inspected … MORE

Formulation and Development

Personal Care Formulation

Creating a good personal care formulation whether it be a cosmetic, skin care or hair care product is both an art and a science. We have been creating formulas for contract manufacturing customers for 30 years. Most important is to give you as the marketer of cosmetics the products that you want … MORE

Private Label

Private Label

Desiring to get a solidly developed sunless tanning product to the market as rapidly as possible? Private labelling an existing sunless tanning product of Biddiscombe may be the answer for you. The product development phase is already done and the durability of the products is well … MORE

Skincare Resources

Skin Care Resources

Below is our PDF library of documents pertaining to the manufacture of skin care and personal care products.  To the left are articles within the Biddiscombe web site, assembled to facilitate your research, and make it easier to find the details you are looking for. The cosmetics industry in the … MORE



For over three years, Biddiscombe International has greatly assisted in the production of our beauty care line, Nardo’s Natural. We are continually impressed with not only their quality manufacturing, but their efforts to build a personal relationship with us. They have gone above and beyond with … MORE

About Biddiscombe International

About Us

Biddiscombe Labs is a boutique formulator of skin care, cosmetics, hair care and other similar personal care products. We have been creating and manufacturing personal care products since the mid 1980s with a primary emphasis on skin care, sunless tanning and hair care products sold under the labels … MORE

Recent Articles

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FDA Authority Over Cosmetics

The two most important laws pertaining to cosmetics marketed in the United States are the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act(FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA). FDA regulates cosmetics under the authority of these laws. In the United States, federal laws are enacted by … MORE

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Fragrances in Cosmetics

Many products we use every day contain fragrances. Some of these products are regulated as cosmetics by FDA. Some belong to other product categories and are regulated differently, depending on how the product is intended to be used. Here is information about fragrances that people often ask … MORE

Product Stability and Testing

  In the creation of a formula, Biddiscombe focuses on development of a product that will meet the needs of its customer and that will be stable over time.  However, each formula is complex and different and it is not possible to accurately predict the long term stability of all … MORE